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      1. 学生阶段


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        My sister broke her leg yesterday. She couldnt go to her c______1____. She had to stay in b____2______ and felt very l_______3___. What can I do for the m______4______ she asked h_____5_____. Suddenly she got a good i____6_______. She could turn on her pocket computer. She could c_____7________ with her net friends. She was so p_____8______ with her idea that she took out her pocket computer i______9____. She was happy enough to spend the whole d____10.______ talking with his friends on line.


          I got home at last. But I found that I had l_____1_____ key on the k____2______ table.I tried to wake my wife u_____3_____. But she was s_____4____ asleep. Although I knocked at the door so h_____5_____, making a lot of noise, she had no r______6_____ at all. In the end, I had to climb up to the window which was o______7____ .I was n______8_____ to the window when suddenly I heard a voice Are you so interested in climbing into the room. I saw a policeman down b____9_______


          I am i______1____ in playing computer games. Every day a______2_____ school, I go to the bar of computers I s____3______ in the bar for a______4_______two hours. Later and later, I am p_____5_____ at my lessons. My p______6____ and the teacher ask me not to be there any l____7______ I want to c_____8______ up with my class .So I decide to s_____9_____ playing computer games and s____10_____ more time on my subjects.


          Class bed lonely moment herself idea chat pleased immediately day

          left , kitchen up sound hard response open nearly below

          Interested after sit/stay about poor, parents longer, catch stop spend



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