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      1. 学生阶段


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        31. If you don"t turn up by 8 o"clock, we"ll go ______ you.
          A. without B. except C. but D. besides
          32. --Has Jane arrived yet? --No, she_______ an hour ago.
          A. was supposed to come B. must have come
          C. should come D. ought to have come
          33. _______ in time, little Franz was afraid. ________ scolded.
          A. Not having comeof being B. Having not cometo be
          C. Having not comeof being D. Not having cometo be
          34. No one but Rose and Kate _______ a fine red coat.
          A. put on B. is wearing C. dresses D. have on
          35. The battle lasted for a few hours and at last the enemy ________.
          A. was defeated B. were beat C. were won D. defeated
          36. He is not a man easy ______.
          A. to deal B. to deal him C. to deal with D. to deal with him
          37. Mr. Li is gaining _______. He has to do some exercises to lose _______.
          A. weightyweigh B. weightweight C. fatweigh D. weightyheavy
          38. The clock ________ and we realized it was five o"clock.
          A. hit B. beat C. struck D. run
          39. Reading without stop is a ______ piece of work.
          A. tire B. tired C. tiresome D. troubled
          40. He was afraid there was any wild animal around him, looking round from ________.
          A. time to a time B. time to time C. a time to a time D. times to times

          答案:31-40 ADABA CBCCB



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