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        A Good Plan

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        Now I am a middle school student, and I have some experience on study. I think a good plan is the most important.

          In the middle school, there are a lot of things to do every day. So you must have a plan to help you do all the things, or you will be very busy and cant do things well.

          First, a plan can help you save much time. It makes you know which must be done first and which can be done second. It makes you very clear in doing things.

          Second, a plan can help you do things better. A good order of doing things makes you happier and relaxed. You can do things quickly and happily and you will be interested in everything you do and want to do more.

          Third, all kinds of small plans will help you know how to make a big plan a life study plan. So if you want to make your life better and better, you should plan all the things you will do, and at last make a good plan for your life.



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