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      1. 学生阶段


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        We make a lot of junk (垃圾) every day. We throw it all away. But junk is not junk for the pupils at Beijing BISS International School. They turn the junk into works of art (艺术品).

        They collect paper, old cloth, old CDs and many other things together. Everyone picks up (挑选) what he or she needs (需要). They make pieces of art out of the junk.

        Arun, 10, is a fifth grader. She makes a robot. I use a broken clock for his face, an old toy for his arms and hands and bottle caps for his eyes, she says.

        Justus, 8, is a third grader. He uses the junk to make Han Solo from Star Wars (《星球大战》). This owl is made of old CDs, an ice cream lid and the top of a fan.

        Justus (left) and Arun (right) hold their art. This fly is made of plastic forks, a speaker and some buttons.



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