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        范文精选300字Journey to Australia

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        Journey to Australia

          Australia is one of the famous Oceanian country. The country is famous for its wool production and seashore tour. As the climate there is warm and comfortable, many people spend vocations there every year. Im a super fan of water entertainment, so I choose it as my destination.

          In Australia, the sky is bluer than blue, the clouds are whiter than white, all the local people enjoy an optimistic and active life. They also show their kindness and enthusiasm to the tourists.

          The first step should be Sydney Opera which is among the most brilliant and splendid architectures in the world. Many world-class plays are put on in it .The surface and shape of it is like a seashell with glory decorations inside.

          Then Melbourne is a good choice to be as the next step. In Melbourne, skin screen is a must to take with as the sunshine is upset and may burn your skin. The most attractive thing to me is the Australia Open, which is one of the biggest world-class tennis competition. Many great players such as Roddick Federer and its local player Hewitt etc. gather to compete. Its really a feast for the eyes. www.diyifanwen.com

          Australia is also home to one of the most challenging and exciting surfing and diving projects. As we know, it is always called a country riding on the back of sheep. From the interesting saying ,we can know something about the rich wool-production country. If you love animals, kangaroos and kaolas are good company to you .

          So dont forget Australia when you plan a trip.



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