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          Ms. Rossi owns the Roadside Motel(汽车游客旅馆),which has 50 units.She wishes to keep a handy record of the number of units occupied(住房,占有).To do this she uses a calendar and writes the number of units occupied in a small box in the upper right-hand comer of each date.The following questions are based on the occupancy rate for July.
          1.The total number of units occupied during the week of July 14 through July 20 was ______.
          A.240 B.239 C.244 D.234
          2.The average occupancy rate for Thursday was ________.
          A.27 B.31 C.29 D.28
          3.Ms. Rossi regards a 90% occupancy rate as excellent.On how many days during the month did the Roadside Motel have a 90% or better rate of occupancy?
          A.5. B.4. C.6. D.1.
          错解分析:(1)读图不仔细;(2)对文章和题干中的关键词汇 把握不准确。
          解题方法与技巧:(1)仔细阅读本文的文字说明部分,准确把握图表内容;(2)仔细分析题干,抓牢关键词。(3)根据She uses a calendar and writes the number of units occupied in a small box in the upper right-hand corner of each date,可知第1题做法为:将7月14日~20日之间的数量相加;第2题做法是:将星期四的总数相加再取平均;根据Which has 50 units,和题干的第一句话,可知第3题的做法为:5090%=45,从表中选取大于或等于45的数目,可推出答案。
          答案:1.D 2.A 3.B

          2.Let"s go down one more,push your enter keysays a volunteer helping senior citizens work a web session on the Internet.
          David Lansdale has found a way to light up the lives of the elderly.He gets them wired to the Internet.If you hit your enter key,it will bring up this particular e-mail
          Pauline Allen is one of those who has started using the Internet.I thought I was through with life,I was ready for a rocking chair,because I was 86 years old.And I haven"t found the rocking chair yet.You found the keyboard?asks the reporter.That"s right,I found the keyboard.
          The average age of Lansdale"s students is around 68.All are in nursing or assisted care homes.He used family relationships to introduce them to the World Wide Web.
          David Lansdale says,Here they are in California,the family was back in New York,the opportunity to connect,to cross the time and space,was incredibly precious opportunity to them.
          I hear you are so beautiful. Lillian Sher writes an e-mail to a newborn greatgranddaughter.
          Working with one another,the senior learn as a group.They learn to master the Internet and to overcome what Lansdale calls the maladies of the institutionalized:loneliness,helplessness,boredom,
          and loss of memory.
          Mary Harvey says,Bingo just doesn"t interest me.But this does,believe me,this does.
          Ninety-four year old Ruth Hyman is a star pupil and instructor.She says,When I send a letter to my grandchildren,and great grandchildren,they hang it up in their offices,just like I used to hang their drawings on my refrigerator.Ha,ha.
          David Lansdale says,There"s a collective benefit.There is an element of treatment.Remember we started as a support group.
          Dixon Moorehouse says,I just wish I was 15 years old and getting to learn all this.The senior call their weekly meetings Monday Night Live.And many say the meetings have given them new life.
          Ruth Hyman says,Three years ago,they told me I wasn"t going to live.But I showed them,and got work,and I"ve worked ever since.
          4.How many examples does the writer give to prove that the senior enjoy the Internet?
          A.Four. B.Five. C.Six. D.Seven.
          解题方法与技巧:(1)通读全文,理解文章大意,弄清文中众多的人物及其语言。(2)文章主要讲述老年人学习上网的情况,其中David Lansdale是这一活动的举办者,不应算在本题所要求的数目之内,末段的Ruth Hyman前文已经出现,不应重复计数,故文章中所列实例分别是:Pauline Allen、Lillian Sher、Mary Harvey、Ruth Hyman和Dixon Moorehouse共五人。







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