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        A Good Football Player

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        Everybody knows that Brazil won the World Cup in 2002 in Japan. But do you know who helped Brazil football team win it? It was Ronaldo.

          In the 17th World Cup match in 2002, Brazil beat seven football teams and won the World Cup. Ronaldo scored 8 goals in 7 matches, so he won the best shot. He also had a goal in the match between Brazil and China. I think many Chinese remember it. Though he didnt win the MVP, he really played very well in the matches.

          Now Ronaldo plays football in Real Madrid Football Club in Spain. In the last season, Real Madrid didnt win the Champion and Ronaldo didnt win the best shot. But this season many good players joined this club. In the first eleven matches, Real Madrid won seven of them. Ronaldo also scored seven goals. I believe Ronaldo will get the best shot and he can help Real Madrid win the Champion this season.

          Ronaldo is a very good football player. I like him very much.



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