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        Hobbies are also a way of making friends

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        Hobbies are also a way of making friends

          STARTING a new school term is always exciting. It is a chance to see your friends again. But most exciting of all, the new term is a chance to take up new hobbies. It is common in Britain for students to take up new hobbies after the Christmas holidays. Promising to start something new is a common New Year resolution (决心).

          Most schools offer (提供) different kinds of hobby classes. Students take them in their free periods or after school. Some classes you have to pay for and others are free. For example, I once took a free Wednesday evening gymnastics (体操) class my school offered. But when I learnt how to play the drum my parents had to pay for the lessons.

          The most popular extra (额外的) classes at my school were piano lessons and drama club. Both classes offered exams students could take. Students with many hobbies sometimes felt more stressed than those without any. But the students with hobbies left school with many extra skills.

          I havent continued (继续) any of the hobbies I began at school. But I have never regretted taking them. My best friend today is someone I met in my gymnastics class.



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