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        How to Spend Our Leisure

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        How to Spend Our Leisure(合理休闲)



          [写作导航]第一段引出话题,指出许多人不知如何合理休闲,不是整天呆在户外,就是睡觉,在梦中度过;第二段分析原因,举大学生活 的例子,说明不知如何合理休闲的客观原因,即平时生活有规律,闲暇来临,反而不知所措;接着给出我的建议:可因人而异,好动的人可野餐、开展体育运动,好静的人可听音乐或读小说等。总之,充分休息才能精力充沛地投入学习。

          [范文 ]

          Most of us don't know how to spend our leisure time properly. When we have holidays, we tend to feel bored. Some may indulge in outdoor games all day long while others may stay in bed to venture in the dreamland.

          Actually, all this is quite natural because in our daily life, we do things more or less according to an unwritten daily routine. For example, when we are at college, we go to class in the morning, have lunch at noon, take physical exercises in the afternoon, and do our homework in the evening. Gradually we become so accustomed to the schedule that, when holiday comes, we are at a complete loss.

          Here are some suggestions.

          If you are an active person, you can go for a picnic, or play some sports games. The fresh air and the fascinating scenery in the countryside may refresh you and the vigorous games may lift up your spirits. If you are not so active and like to stay at home, you may turn on your tape recorder to enjoy some light music or read a few novels. Indoor games such as chess, playing cards, and table tennis and hobbies such as gardening and keeping pets are also enjoyable.

          After relaxing ourselves with such games, we shall feel much happier and more energized. We can then find some time to review our lessons and get prepared for the new week to start. When holidays are finished, we can return to school in high spirits.



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