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      1. 学生阶段


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        71. Tom: Would you like me to water your plants while you"re on your holiday?
          Joe: ________
          A. No problem. I was more than glad to do it.
          B. I appreciate it, but I"m already finished watering them.
          C. Thanks for offering your help, but my brother"s going to do it.
          D. Certainly watering plants is my favorite pastime.
          72. --Don"t you think it"s going to rain over the weekend?
          A. I don"t believe B. I don"t believe it C. I believe not so D. I believe not
          73. I knew I should not accept anything from such a person but I found it difficult to turn down his ___.
          A. plan B. offer C. suggestion D. request
          74. --Do you mind my taking this seat? --________.
          A. Yes, sit down please B. No, of course not
          C. Yes, take it please D. No, you can"t take it
          75. How I envy you _______ your good luck!
          A. in B. of C. to D. /
          76. This event was rather unusual, ________?
          A. is it B. isn"t it C. was it D. wasn"t it
          77. We have _______ books in our library.
          A. plenty of B. great many C. a great deal of D. great number of
          78. The police saw the woman _______ a bus and _______ a taxi.
          A. get off get on B. get on get off
          C. get off get into D. get on get into
          79. Do you mind ______ how you succeed?
          A. if I go and see B. if I go seeing C. my going and see D. my go to see
          80. The boy would have died, _______ on him without delay.
          A. if the doctor didn"t operate B. if the doctor wouldn"t operate
          C. would the doctor not operate D. had the doctor not operated

          答案:71-80 CDBBD DACAD



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