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      1. 学生阶段


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            A. whomever B. no matter who C. whoever D. anyone

            30. ----Excuse me, _____________?

            ----Thats $ 21.68 altogether, Madame.

            A. how much is the meal weve had

            B. take my order, please

            C. could I have the bill, please

            D. would you please take the money



            1. It is clear that _____ little money he earns hardly support _____ family as large as his.

            A. the; a B. a; the C. /; a D. /; the

            2. ______ good, the food was soon sold out.

            A. Tasted B. being tasted C. Tasting D. Having tasted

            3. ----Did you see Sandy in the managers office?

            ----Yes, she ________ to him why she was late again.

            A. is explaining B. was explaining

            C. had explained D. explained

            4. ----Can you tell me all about the earthquake?

            ----Sorry, I know nothing about it ______ I read in the newspaper.

            A. except B. except for C. except what D. except that

            5. There are three bedrooms in the house, _________ is Marys.

            A. the smallest of which B. the smaller of which

            C. the smallest of them D. the smallest one

            6. ----Were you busy last weekend?

            ----Very. Rather than ____ time playing cards as usual, I devoted every effort to _____ an advertisement.

            A. waste; make B. wasting; making

            C. to waste; make D. a waste of; making

            7. ----Do you know the girl in red?

            ----She seems to ________ me at last months party. But Im not sure.

            A. introduce to B. be introducing to

            C. be introduced to D. have been introduced to

            8. The writer has written quite a few books now, _______ his teachers and parents didnt expect.

            A. that B. as C. of which D. which

            9. You can fly to Japan this morning ______ you dont mind changing planes in Hong Kong.

            A. provided B. because C. unless D. so far as

            10. _____ to the tower building, where you can see the whole city.

            A. Get B. To get C. Getting D. Got

            11. Fishing is his favorite hobby, and _____________.

            A. hed like to collect coins as well

            B. he feels like collecting coins, too

            C. to collect coins is also his hobby

            D. collecting coins also gives him great pleasure

            12. ______ good weather, our ship will reach Tianjin Friday evening.

            A. Given B. To given C. Giving D. Having given

            13. You cant imagine that a well-behaved gentleman _____ be so rude to a lady.

            A. might B. need C. should D. would

            14. We should buy our daughter a computer in ______ it can help to improve her English.

            A. which B. that C. what D. whom

            15. He reached London in 1996, _____, some time later, he became a famous actor

            A. where B. when C. which D. that

            16. He might have been killed _____ the arrival of the police.

            A. except B. but for C. with D. for

            17. The mother didnt know who _______ for the broken glass.

            A. to blame B. will blame C. blamed D. blames

            18. Im looking after Tom today. Hes been at my house ___ 8:00 this morning.

            A. since B. by C. at D. till

            19. We liked the oil painting better ______ we looked at it.

            A. as B. while C. the moment D. the more

            20. He ______ full marks, but he was so careless as to make a spelling mistake.

            A. must have gained B. can have gained

            C. could have gained D. must gain

            21. If you keep quiet and read your book, child, you _____ have my promise_____ I will buy you a box of chocolates.

            A. are going to; that B. will; which

            C. shall; that D. are to; which

            22. What the doctor is uncertain about is _____ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon.

            A. when B. how C. whether D. why

            23. ----I hear Johnson was badly injured in the accident.

            ---- ________, lets go and see him.

            A. If not B. If so C. If necessary D. If possible

            24. Not far from the club there was a garden, ____ owner seated in it playing bridge with his children every afternoon.

            A. whose B. its C. which D. that

            25. ----You went late ____ the stadium yesterday evening, didnt you?

            ----Yes, my wife was a little late _____ the supper.

            A. to; with B. for; with C. for; for D. at; for

            26. ----How can you _______ that he is from the North?

            ----Simply by his accent.

            A. get to know B. say C. realize D. tell

            27. ----Now that you like the portable personal computer so much, why not buy one? It is of great use to your work.

            ----Well, I cant afford _______ computer at present.

            A. that expensive a B. a such cheap

            C. that an expensive D. so cheap

            28. A decision was made _____ those who onc

          e lied to the factory in order to get a jo



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