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        高一英语作文:My English Teacher

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        Of all the teachers, I love my English teacher best. He is a very good teacher and about thirty years old. We all call him Mr Chu. He is not tall but a little fat. He is a man with a good sense of humour and always friendly to us. We all like him and his lesson. In his class, we feel very happy. He always makes his English lesson interesting. We know English is rather difficult to learn but in his class, we feel English is very easy, and also very interesting.

          He often shows us how to learn English well. He asks us to listen, to read, to say and to write. After class, we always talk with him in English. He even lends English books to us. If we have difficulty in understanding, we can go and ask him. He is always happy to help us.

          He not only cares for our study, but also for our life. One day, one of my classmates, Li Tong had a bad cold. He took her to see a doctor, and got some medicine for her. Then he sent her home. When Li Tong stayed at home, Mr Chu went to her home and helped her with her lessons. Several days later, she was able to go back to school.

          This is my English teacher. What do you think of him?



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