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        高三英语入学训练试题 题之三

          s drinking water supply,as well as damaging plants(种植园) that produce fruit and vegetable. Without urgent(紧急的) help, the countrys days are numbered.

            But Tuvalu is not the first place to face sinking into the sea. Venice, a historic city in Italy best known for its canals, has sunk about 24cm over the past 100 years. Experts say that it will have sunk another 20~50cm by 2050. A century ago, St. Marks Square, the lowest point in the city, flooded about nine times a year. Nowadays, it happens more than 100 times.

            While Venice is slowly sinking into the mud on which it stands, Tuvalus rising sea level is caused by global warming.

            The average global temperature has increased by almost 0.5 centigrade degree over the past century, scientists expect it to rise by an extra 1~3 degrees over the next 100 years.

            Warmer weather makes glaciers (冰川) melt, adding more water to the ocean. The warmer temperatures also make water expand, so it takes up more space, causing the sea level to rise. The sea level has risen about 10~25cm in the last 100 years.

            The main cause of global warming is human pollution. Through burning coal, oil and gas, people have been increasing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as CO2. This adds to the power of the greenhouse effect, making the planet even warmer.

            Many scientists believe that, if the warming is not stopped, there will be huge climate changes. The sea level could rise by one meter this century.

            Should this come true, millions of homes will be swallowed up by the sea and the world will be flooded with climate refugees (难民) looking for somewhere to live.

            40. What does the sentence Without urgent help, the countrys days are numbered.mean?

            A. Without urgent help, the country will go hungry.

            B. Without urgent help, the country will be numbered.

            C. Without urgent help, the countrys people will be numbered.

            D. Without urgent help, the country will disappear.

            41. By 2050 Venice will have sunk about ______ cm.

            A. 24 B. 20

            C. 50 D. 44~74

            42. The writer wrote this article to _______.

            A. give us some advice B. give us some knowledge

            C. to warn us

            D. frighten us

            43. What is the right cause and effect?

            A. sea flood-temperature increase-human pollution

            B. human pollution-temperature increase-sea flood

            C. human pollution-sea flood-temperature increase

            D. temperature increase-human pollution-sea flood


            Read the following advertisements and then choose the correct answers.

            China Daily, March 3, 1996) the biggest shopping center will open on March 8. Every body with todays China Daily will get a small present that day. you are welcome.

            Telephone:38990688;address:No. 6 Xidan Road

            ENGLISH NEWSPAPER, March 19) English Newspaper needs a foreign editor. He (She ) must have worked in China for more than 2 years. British nationality is necessary. The salary is $ 100,000 a year. The term is 3 years. In ten days this piece of advertisement will not be useful.

            Telephone:3890666;Addreses:No. 6 Xinling Road

            CHINA FOOTBALL, February 3, 1996)

            Shanghai Shenhua Team Vs Beijing Guoan Team

            TIME:February 8. Sunday (3:00) PLACE:Hongkou Stadium

            TICKET PRICE; RMB 25 yuan (for adults ) RMB 15 yuan (for students)

            NAME:China Cup Football Contest

            COACHES:Xu Genbao, Jin Zhiyang

            44. If an Englishman who has worked in China for 3 years comes to English Newspaper office to ask for the job in April, he will _____.

            A. get the job

            B. not get the job

            C. be a good editor

            D. not be useful

            45. If three adults and six students went to watch the match, the tickets would cost them _____ yuan.

            A. 165 B. 135

            C. 196 D. 255

            46. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

            A. The shopping center is at NO. 6 Xidan road.

            B. The telephone number of English Newspaper is 3890666.

            C. The match was between Beijing Team and Guoan Team.

            D. Xu Genbao is a coach.


            Not all memories are sweet. Some people spend all their lives trying to forget bad experiences. Violence and traffic accidents can leave people with terrible physical and emotional scars. Often they relive(重新体验) these experiences in nightmares (噩梦).

            Now American researchers think they are close to developing a pill, which will help people forget bad memories. The pill is designed to be taken immediately after a frightening experience. They hope it might reduce, or possibly erase (抹去), the effect of painful memories.

            In November, experts tested a drug on p



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