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        We are more than just pretty faces

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        We are more than just pretty faces

          Anna Cui, the Miss Southern California American Preteen Queen 2006

          YOU may think a beauty pageant (选美比赛) is just about pretty faces. But ask Anna Cui, a 14-year-old US Chinese girl and she"ll tell you they are much more.

          Anna won the American Preteen Cover Girl 2006 and Miss Southern California American Preteen Queen 2006. She was the first US-Chinese to get the latter in the 23-year history of the pageant.

          Anna and her mother have written a book together called Anna Cui, Memories of a Young Queen. On January 1, 2008, Anna met with readers in Beijing.

          Anna was born in the US and her parents are both Chinese. The book, written in Chinese, has Anna"s growing-up stories and tells how hard she has had to work to win her pageant titles. For example, Anna has been studying piano and ballet for about 10 years.

          For Miss American Preteen girls have to do many things. They have to give speeches, model clothes, act and cheerlead (啦啦队). They also have to prove they"re good at school, can write a thank-you letter, do voluntary work and show they have a good personality. Each year over 15, 000 girls take part in the competition.

          Anna got $1,500 for her prize. What did she do with the money? She gave some to her school and some to UNICEF (联合国儿童基金会). As a UNICEF volunteer, Anna wants to help poor kids.



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