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        虚拟语气2----在 wish 后的宾语从句中

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        II. 虚拟语气用在 wish 后的宾语从句中



          1. 表示与现在事实相反的愿望

          构成:主语 wish (that) 从句主语 动词过去式 (be 一律用were)


          I wish I knew everything in the world.

          I wish that the experiment were a success.

          We wish we had wings. 我们希望有翅膀。


          I wish it ______ not so cold outside.

          A. shall be B. be C. were D. is

          I wish I ______ you better.

          A. know B. knew C. will know D. have known

          2. 表示与过去事实相反的愿望

          构成:主语 wish (that) 从句主语 would/could have 过去分词或had 过去分词


          I wish that you had called yesterday.

          I wish that I could have gone with you last night.

          I didn’t go to the party, but I do wish I had been there.


          I wish you ______ such a great deal of fuss.

          A. were not caused B. had not caused

          C. have not caused D. are not caused

          I wish that you ______ such a bad headache because I’m sure that you would have enjoyed the concert.

          A. hadn’t had B. hadn’t C. didn’t have D. hadn’t have

          3. 表示将来不大可能实现的愿望

          构成:主语 wish (that) 从句主语 would/should/could/might 原形动词


          I wish that he could try again.

          I wish that someday I should live on the moon.

          We wish that they would come soon.


          I wish that we ______ with my brother when he flies to England next week.

          A. could go B. had gone C. will go D. are going




          1. I wish you ______ like that.

          a. don’t talk b. wouldn’t talk c. won’t talk d. not to talk

          2. I wish I _____ how to operate the machine.

          a. have known b. know c. can know d. knew

          3. He is not a millionaire but he _____ he were.

          a. wishes b. hopes c. longs d. believes

          4. I wish that I ______ visit my uncle the day after tomorrow.

          a. shall b. have c. would d. am going to

          5. I wish it ______ spring all the year round.

          a. will be b. were c. be d. is

          6. I wish I _____ to that university with you yesterday.

          a. would go b. went c. did go d. had gone

          7. I left very early last night, but I wish I ______ so early.

          a. didn’t leave b. hadn’t left c. haven’t left d. couldn’t leave

          8. Nancy sometimes wishes that she ______ in the big city.

          a. was not living b. did not lived c. were not living d. does not live

          9. James wishes he ______ the football game instead of the film.

          a. had seen b. saw c. had been seen d. see

          10. While you’re here, I wish ______ have a look around the house.

          a. you’ll b. you’ve c. you’d d. you better

          11. Looking back on it, I wish you ______ me first.

          a. asked b. have asked c. ask d. had asked

          12. “Do you want me to lend you some money?”

          “I wish you ______. I would pay you back next week.”

          a. should b. would c. did d. might

          13. I wished it ______ but it did.

          a. had not occurred b. would not occur

          c. was not occurred d. did not occur

          14. He didn’t go to her birthday party, but he does wish he ______ there.

          a. has been b. would be c. had been d. would have been

          15. “These typewritten papers are very neat.”

          “I wish I ______ type too, but I don’t know how.”

          a. can b. may c. will d. could



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