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        1)The most common criticisms of sport hunting are that it is cruel and inhumane, that it violates the rights of the animals, that it entails disobedience to rules of conduct that all who exhibit genuine respect for nature must observe, that it upsets ecological balances and can lead to endangerment of some game species, and that hunting is an expression of mindless aggression and violence and thus perpetuates human barbarism.

          2)On the topic of hunting I have had a first hand experience.

          The deer population where I live grew out of control a few years ago and as a last resort the town decided to have a hunt. It was very controlled safe and had a limit as to how many deer were killed. This sort of animal control is extreme and in my opinion should be avoided at all costs.

          However, the overpopulation of deer was causing health risks to the town, like a spread of lymes disease, which made hunting a necessity. The rights of animals are watched out for by organizations dating back to the early 1800"s. This, I feel is an important step in protecting animals as long as they rotest within there legal rights. In order to sum my opinion up animals do have certain rights but if experiments, research, hunting and dissection provide ositive increases in knowledge that furthers the existence of the world it is a necessary thing that must be done.



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