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        初一英语作文 May pen pal

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        初一英语作文 May pen pal
        初一英语作文 以May pen pal为题 写一篇初一水平的作文 不用太多

            希望我的回答对您有所帮助 I have a pen pal.She is a girl.She is ten years old.She"s from China,too.   Her name is Li Yi.Do you want to about her?  

          Oh,yes!Her favorite color is green.But she doesn"t like black.And her favorite country is the United Kingdom.But Her favorite city is Beijing.

          Her favorite food is tomatoes.Because it"s healthy food.

           On weekends ,she usually go to a movie.She likes thrillers,because it"s exciting.Her favorite actor is Cheng Long.He is a good actor.And she want to be an actress.     

          Li Yi usually gets up at seven,and she goes to school at 7:30,They have math ,English,Chinese and music.Her favorite subject is English.But she doesn"t like her English teacher.Because it"s strict.She likes her music teacher,she thinks her music teacher is very fun.     

          My pen pal is Li Yi,this is Li Yi!!!

            my pen pal i have a pen pal,her name is marry,she is 14 years old.she is lovely girl,she is from Australiua,there are 3 people in her family. she favourite sport is soccer. she favourite subject is music. this is my pen pal, how a bout you?


          我的笔友我有一个笔友,她的名字是结婚,她是14年old.she是可爱的女孩,她是从Australiua ,有3人在她的家人。她最喜欢的运动是足球。她最喜欢的主题是音乐。这是我的笔友,



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