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        Chae"s a fighter

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        Chae"s a fighter

          SOUTH Korean pop singer Chae Yeon is known for her passion. Once a group of artists were invited to climb to the top of a mountain and yell (喊叫) out their greatest wish. When it was her turn, Chae shouted: I will never give up. I know no limits (极限)!

          On March 18, Chae Yeon came to Beijing to promote her fourth album, My Love (《爱人》). This time there are two songs sung in Chinese on the record. She says she"s worked really hard on her pronunciation (发音 ):There are so many newcomers in this field. It"s hard to make yourself heard, she told reporters. But I am confident and I will fight for my album.

          In fact, Chae Yeon didn"t start out as a singer in South Korea. Her career in music began in Japan. There were times when she was so poor she had to sleep on the streets. But when she returned to South Korea, she became a success.

          It"s the same everywhere, whether I"m in Japan, China or South Korea, she says. There is constant competition. But I"m grateful for it. Without that pressure (压力), I couldn"t have made the songs I have.

          Chae shared with Teens how she deals with moods. She just has a good sleep and forgets her problems!



          有些 是这样构成的:

          newcomer: new comer

          housekeeper: house keeper

          stepmother: step mother

          firefighter: fire fighter



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