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            2、接受礼物时,除了向对方道谢外,外国人,尤其是英美人士还习惯当场拆开礼物,并且礼貌地问一句May I open it?礼物拆开后,再大大赞扬一番。

            PartⅡ、Basic Patterns基本句型

            A、Giving gifts送礼

            1. This is a small present for your son.这是送给你儿子的小礼物。

            2.Heres a small souvenir from Beijing.这是再北京买的小纪念品。

            3.I have a surprise for you. 我要给你一个惊喜。

            4.This is for you. I hope youll like it.这是给你的,希望你会喜欢。

            5.Happy Birthday! 祝你生日快乐!

            B、Receiving gifts接受礼物

            1.Thank you. I like it very much. 谢谢。我很喜欢。

            2.Thank you. May I open it?   谢谢。我可以拆开吗?

            3.Oh, a watch! Is it really for me?喔,一只表!真的是给我的吗?

            4.This is just what I want to have.这正是我想要的。

            5.Its so nice of you.  你真好。

            PartⅢ、Situational Dialogues情景对话

            Dialogue 1

            A:Happy Birthday!

            B:Thank you. Oh, a present! Youre so wonderful. How could you remember my birthday?

            A:I may forget my birthday but not yours.

            B:May I open it?

            A:Sure, go ahead. I hope you like it.

            B:Oh, my! A beautiful pin! You are so sweet.

            Dialogue 2

            A:Marilyn! This is a small souvenir form Hongkong.

            B:Thank you. Youre just wonderful. May I open it?

            A:Go right ahead.

            B:My! A coffee pot. Mikes a heavy coffee drinker, so Im sure well be using this a lot! This is just what I want to have!

            A: Im so glad you like it.

            B:Thank you very much for the present. You had such a tight schedule. How could you find time to buy this?

            A:I can always make time, if I need so.

            B:Its so nice of you.

            Dialogue 3

            A:Hey, children! Daddy has a surprise for you.

            B1: What is it, Dad?

            A:Open this card and read.

            B2:OK. Ill open it.

            A:Why dont you give it to Mom? She always likes to open gifts.

            B1:Here it is, Mom. Open it quickly.

            C:A trip to China for summer vacation from Dad.

            B1:Wow! What a wonderful surprise!

            B2:Thank you, Dad. This is the best surprise Ive ever had.




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