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        King James!

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        King James!

          LEBRON James has recognition (赞誉) from the whole world as the greatest player of today. People call him King James, the Chosen One and compare him to his idol Michael Jordan.

          Now the 24-year-old has amazed everyone again. He led the Cleveland Cavaliers (克里夫兰骑士队) to a 99-78 victory over the Detroit Pistons (底特律活塞队) on April 26. He had 36 points, 13 rebounds (篮板球) and eight assists (助攻).

          Since he joined the league, James has broken many records. He has led his team to the NBA finals. He has celebrated two NBA All-Star game Most Valuable Players (MVP) titles. He has been named to the all NBA team twice.

          The 2.03-meter player has both a perfect build and a great basketball brain. He is famous for his speed and power.

          Hes not scared by anyone. He has the confidence (信心) that only the great have, said his coach, Paul Silas about LeBron.

          But LeBrons most precious quality (品质) is that he is a team player.

          My game just wont let me be selfish (自私的), LeBron said. I love sharing the ball with my teammates.

          Even his rivals agree that he is a court general.

          They got a really good leader in LeBron, Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey said after the April 26 game. When he is going and he has his other teammates going as well, it is really hard to beat them. They are a really good team.

          Fact file


          December 30, 1984

          Birthplace: Ohio, USA

          Height: 203cm

          Weight: 113kg



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