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        标准的发音 ,漂亮的Flash,有趣的故事 ,优美的文字,国外动画故事系列文章为我们展现了一个美轮美奂的故事世界。小朋友们听故事,看图片,一起快快乐乐学英文!

        The Little Red Hen

        Now, this is a story about the little red hen and she was a hard worker.

        Oh,she didn"t mind wroking.But,now, she did have some lazy friends.

        There was old duck, who wanted to just hang around the old muddy pond.

        There was a dog, who was always chasing his tail around the tree.

        And then,of course there was Miss Kitty,who was real prim and proper.

        Now, Little Red Hen decided one day that she wanted to plant some wheat

        At first, she went to Mr.Duck and she saidOld Duck,will you help me plant this garden?And the old duck said,Now,look here light-eyed girl.Do you see I"m chillin and I ain"t got no time to help in no garden.

        Well,she went over to the dog and he was barking around that tree,chasing his tall.

        She said,old Dog,would you help me plant this garden?Dog said,Not me girl.I ain"tgot no time.Can"t you see me busy round here barking around this tree,chasing my tail?

        So then,she went on and she called on Miss kitty.She said,Miss Kitty.And Miss Kittysaid,Yes,darling!She said ,Will you help me plant my garden?Miss Kitty said,Oh,darling,I just had my nails done,and I can"t get my nails dirty.

        Well, the little red hen said,I guess I"ll just do it myself. And, sure enough,she planted that garden and she tended that garden and took good care of that garden,untill it was time for harvest.

        And again she went to her so-called friends.At first,she went back to Mr.Duckand shesaid,Old duck,come on and get out of that pond and help me harvest my garden.Duck said,Girl, I ain"t got no time.I"m chillin.

        Then she went over to the old dog and she asked the dog,Dog,are you still running around that same old tree?Dog,could you just help me harvest my wheat?And the dog said,Ain"t got no time,girl.Don"t you see I"m busy?I"m chasing my tail!She said,Uh-huh,real busy.

        So then she went to Miss Kitty and she said,Miss Kitty,how you doing today?Miss Kitty,can you please help me harvest my garden?And Miss Kitty said,Now honey,you know I could,but I"m in the middle of a faclal .

        Well, Hen said,Well,I"ll just have to do it myself.

        Well now,after she got it all harvested,and took it to the mill and had it ground up,because none of her friends would help her with that either.

        She came back and she made it into some nice,fine,light bread.Oh,yes she did.Baked itwith some cinnamon and little honey and lots of butter.And I mean you could smellit all over the place!Oh,take a sniff now!

        Whoo,I"m telling you,old duck smelled it down there in the old muddy pond.

        And all of a sudden, he came squawking, wadding into the kitchen.

        Then there was the dog, who was chasing his tail around the tree.He said,What"s that I"m smelling? Smells mighty fine. And he followed his nose to the kitchen.

        Then Miss Kitty,who was upstairs taking one of them long aftermoon naps, came down and saidOhh,it smells so delicious down here.And she came into the kitchen.

        And the little red hen was in there,busy baking her breads and as she took it out thearoma-ohhh it just filled the air everywhere. I mean people could smell it all over theplace. well now,all of her so-called friends all of a sudden wanted to help. The old ducksaid,Quack,quack quack Hey Little red GHrl I think i got a little time now.I can help you with that bread.

        And then the old dog said,Ahhh,Red,I"m the man for ya,I can help you with that bread,girl.And Miss Kitty said,Well,you know Red honey,I just won"t worry about my diet today and I"ll just help you with some of that bread.

        I realize,Red said to them,how thoughtiess i was to bother you all when you were all when you were all so busy.

        I don"t know what I was thinking about when I asked you to help me plant my garden, harvest the wheat,take it to the mill to grind it into flour and to bake it into bread? Oh, please forgive me.What kind of friend am I?

        I sure would like to apologize for being so thoughtiess, but now since I have come tomy right mind, i wouldn"t dare take up your precious time to eat my bread.No,not I.



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