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        Born dancer

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        Born dancer

          HAN Geng is a member of the popular boy band (乐队) Super Junior in South Korea. The band has 12 members. He is the only Chinese.

          Han grew up in Heilongjiang Province. When he was 13, he went to Beijing on his own to learn how to dance. In 2001, a Korean music company discovered (发掘) him. After that, he spent three years in South Korea receiving lessons in singing, dancing and acting.

          When he got to Korea, he didn"t speak any Korean. He worked very hard to learn it. He wrote the words on small pieces of paper and stuck (粘贴) them on his walls. Every night I read and tried to remember some words before I went to bed, he said.

          Now he can not only speak Korean but also sing in Korean.

          Han says that he was born for the stage (舞台). When I"m on stage, there"s nothing on my mind. I just go with the flow of the music, he said.

          Unlike on stage, the young man is very quiet in life. He likes to do things alone reading, listening to music and watching thrillers. He hopes someday he can star in an action movie, and be like his idol (偶像) Andy Lau (刘德华).

          Han Geng fact file

          Name: Han Geng

          Birthday: February 9, 1984

          Birthplace: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang

          Height: 181cm

          Weight: 66kg

          Favorite color: black

          Hobbies: martial arts (武术), dancing



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