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      1. 学生阶段


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        I live with my father and mother in a very big house in Dongguan. My parents are both very busy. They leave for work very early in the morning and dont return home until late in the evening.

           When I am home on weekends from school, we spend a lot of time together. We talk about my studies, my health and my school life. I love my parents very much.

           My grandparents are still living, but they dont live with us. Their health is good and they both do sports very early in the morning. My grandmother does gymnastics with elderly women her age in the park. Both of my grandfathers play basketball in the morning and sometimes they go swimming.

           Chinese people eat rice for every meal, but I dont like rice because I think it is tasteless! We eat meat, fish and vegetables. My family eats noodles and congee. My favorite is noodles.

           I often play computer games because I like it so much. I often watch Japanese cartoon movies with my parents on the weekends. On long holidays we take trips, too.

           That is my description of typical family life in China.



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