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        中考英语:there be 句型小总结

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        1. 基本结构 :There be 主语 地点 /时间状语。如:

        There is a computer in the room. 房间里有一台电脑。

        There are two TV plays every evening. 每晚有两场电视剧。

        2. 主谓一致: 要采取就近一致原则。如:

        There is a pen, two rulers in the box. 盒子里有一只钢笔,两把尺子。

        There are two boys and a teacher at the school gate. 门口有两个男孩,一个老师。

        3. 主语后的动 形式:在there be 句型中,主语与动词是主动关系时用现在分词;是被动关系时用过去分词。如:

        There is a purse lying on the ground. 地上有一个钱包。

        There are five minutes left now. 现在还有5分钟。

        4. 反意疑问句。反意疑问句应与there be对应,而不是依据主语。如:

        There is a radio on the table, isn"t there? 桌子上有一台收音机,是吧?

        There are more than fifty classes in your school, aren"t there? 你们班有50多名学生,是吧?

        5. there be 与have的替换:there be表示所属时可与have替换。

        There is nothing but a book in my bag. =I have nothing but a book in my bag. 包里只有一本书。

        6. there be后接不定式时常用主动形式表示被动意义。如:

        There is a lot of work to do. 有许多工作要做。

        注意:当该句型主语是something, anything, nothing等不定代词时,后面的不定式用主动形式或被动形式,意义各不同。

        There is nothing to do. 没有事可做。

        There is nothing to be done. 没有办法(束手无策)。

        7. 与其它词连用,构成复合谓语。如:

        There may be a rain this afternoon. 今天下午可能有雨。

        There used to be a cinema here before the war. 战争之前,这儿有一家电影院。

        8. 变体 there be结构中的be有时可用live, stand, remain等代替。如:

        Once there lived a king who cared more about new clothes than anything else. 从前有位国王喜欢新服胜过别的任何东西。

        9. 习惯用语:

        (1)There is no good /use (in) doing sth. 做某事没有好处/用处;

        (2)There is not a moment to lose. 一刻也不能耽误。


        There is no good making friends with him. 和他交朋友没有什么好处。

        He is very ill. Send him to hospital. There"s not a moment to lose. 他病得厉害,把他送到医院去,一刻也不能耽误。



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