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        A Lovely Girl

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        My sister is a lovely girl. She has a nice English Name, Elsa. She is very clever and pretty. She is eight years old so she is old enough to go to school. This year, she tells me that she is a student now.

          One day, my aunt took her to my home. My aunt had something important to do and had no time to look after her, so she told me to take care of her. First, I played with her for a short time. I thought the game was boring, so I taught her some polite words, such as hello, please, sorry She listened carefully. Suddenly, there was a person knocking on the door. Elsa went to the door to open it. Afterwards, she was polite to say, Please come in.

          Do you think she is lovely and clever? I think you will say, Yes, I do.



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