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          As time goes , there are more and more world problems about nature and development. I think deforestation is the most serious environmental problem that the earth has to face.

          With more and more trees cut down, many kinds of birds or animals have no homes and become extinct. Just a few years later, we will no longer be able to see so many lovely and beautiful creatures which once exist.

          With more and more trees cut down, lots of good land become deserts. Then the soil will be washed away more easily ,which will eventually lead to floods and draughts .remember the Big Flood that broke out in 1998? Many people become homeless and I will never forget the sad and eager eyes of hundreds of children .But what we should realize is that it is we human beings that has strengthened the power of the flood, for weve cut down so many trees near the Changjiang River. The disaster is just a response from nature, as well as a great pain to us.

          With more and more trees cut down, the power of the surface of the earth to control the climate is being reduced greatly. The earth"s surface temperature is rising little by little and finally cities along the seaside will be greatly affected.

          In fact, desertification, global warming and other big problems are all the results of deforestation.

          But many of us have not yet been clear enough about the importance of the problem .You may tell me that you yourself are quite aware of it. But do you still use the only-once chopsticks? And always think the paper handkerchiefs are not enough?

          So there"s a lot we have to change actually.

          If you don"t want to endanger the next generations and don"t want to see an end to our planet, please take action!

          Just stop using one more pair of that kind of chopsticks and take along a handkerchief, we can make a big difference. And when you"re sure that you will not feel sorry to the environment, and your friends to come with you. The world belongs to all of us and we all have responsibility to make it better. If every one does make a little contribution to the environment. I believe a bright future of the planet will come soon.



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