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        Thank you

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        Three years ago, I was a cool and detached girl. I never helped others or cried, because I thought that was very boring.

          One day an unusual girl rushed into my life. She looks like a boy and she is also very lovely. She is very cheerful. I always feel she is a Red Sun. She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. She often helps me and plays with me. We became good friends at once. Since then, I have been sanguine.

          Now, I am still a happy girl. I"m often moved by the world. I think our life is so short, and it isn"t easy for people to live in the world. I"ve learned to help others and to cry. I"ve also learned to be happy and grateful. I also understand that crying doesn"t mean coward, crying can mean visualize a bright future!

          Though she has lots of new friends and I have many too, she will be my best friend forever, because she has taught me a lot.

          Thank you,my best friend!



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