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        Watch this guy

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        Watch this guy

          IT"S only Brandon Roy"s first year in the NBA, but he already seems like an old hand.

          He"s so smooth (流畅的). It seems like he never turns the ball over, Denver"s Carmelo Anthony said, He doesn"t seem like a rookie (新人). He"s going to be The One in Portland.

          The Portland Trail Blazers (波特兰开拓者队) guard won the Rookie of the Year on May 2. In his first year, Roy led all new comers with averages of 16.8 points in 57 games. He helped his team to win 11 times more than last season.

          Brandon also surprises with his vision (眼光) of the court. He always takes the chance to try to score.

          Roy said he practices hard and it pays off. The 23-year-old is one of the few basketball players who did four years in college. He played for the University of Washington team to improve his skills. He also studied in the busy off-season (休赛的) to complete his degree. This all prepared him well for the NBA games.

          A mature young man

          He"s an extremely mature (成熟的) kid. It"s the first thing you notice when you meet him. The way he talks and deals with people - for a rookie, it"s amazing, said Kevin Pritchard of the Trail Blazers.

          Now Brandon Roy is aiming higher for himself, I"m going to continue to work hard and be a team guy, and hope good things keep coming to me.""


          Brandon Roy fact file

          Place of birth: Seattle, US

          Date of birth: July 23, 1984

          Height: 198cm

          Weight: 103kg

          Team: Portland Trail Blazers

          Position: Guard



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