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        • Cyndi"s magic world2013-08-14
        • Cyndi"s magic world   IF your life is boring, let your imagination (想象力) fly! Let the magic out!   That"s what listeners can feel from C

        • 2010年中考英语词汇旧词新义:support2013-08-11
        • support   We strongly support the peace process. 此句中support用作及物动词,意为支持,这是support的常用法。support 还有其它用法。如:   ①We cou

        • 初中英语语法大全延续动词与瞬间动词2013-08-10
        • 初中英语语法大全延续动词与瞬间动词   1) 用于完成时的区别     延续动词表示经验、经历; 瞬间动词表示行为的结 果,不能与表示段的时间状语连用。

        • flower survived2013-08-10
        • Mrs Wang decided to make a trip to Beijing.When she told her son about her decision,he was so overjoyed that he jumped up.They began to pack thei

        • 中考英语重点单词用法:time2013-08-07
        • time   【短语搭配】   aheadoftime提前allthetime一直、始终   atatime每次、一次atalltimes在任何时候、经常   atonetime一度、曾经atth