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      1. 学生阶段


        • My favourite writer—Lu Xun2012-07-05
        • Lu Xun is my favourite writer. He is one of the most famous writers in China. He wrote a lot of literary works.   He was thin and not tall. He

        • 初学游泳2012-07-03
        • on a sunny day, down by the river, a fishermen -who does not know how to swim- is in a world of his own, waiting for the fish to surrender and be

        • 感恩节英语作文:The power of love2012-07-02
        • 感恩节英语作文:The power of love Love is the parents is the world"s largest love, is in their minds share of family support them, let them come

        • Our School Life2012-06-28
        • I don't think our school life is colorful. Because we've got so many classes every day. I wonder whether we can change our school life someday.

        • 初中英语书面表达精品习作欣赏 12012-06-26
        • 你于五一前夕 4 月 28 日上午九点钟,与全班同学一起到学校附近的公园参加一次公益劳动( voluntary labour ),全班分成了三组。你在第三组。请你用日记的

        • A Happy Family2012-06-26
        • Last year my father lost his job. At that time my parents felt a bit sad. I encouraged my father and said I was old enough and could do something

        • 与外国人交流假日出行2012-06-20
        • 一篇讨论英语话题的文章。从这个角度来写Holidays and Outings这个题目可谓不无新义。但是在与外国人交往时谈些什么都是一个很现实的问题。本文提供了这一范