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        • 高三英语单项选择题精选2之二2013-01-02
        • 高三英语单项选择题精选2之二     第六课时     1. No one can help ________ Tom; he is such a lovely boy.     A. to like B. to liking C

        • 关于空军美女飞行员的情景会话2012-12-24
        • 大嘴: The women pilots of Army Air Force changed their equipments. Did you know?空军女飞行员换装了。听说了吗?脸盆: I have seen the photos.我看到

        • 高三英语单项选择题精选1之一2012-12-05
        • 高三英语单项选择题精选1之一      第一课时     1. I wont think _____ of him because of his shortcomings. He is a good     boy after a

        • 高三英语语法复习72012-08-20
        • 第七章 简单句    1. _____ is your brother? He is a teacher.    A. Who B. Which C. How D. What    译文:你哥哥是干什么工作的?他是一名教师。  

        • 高三英语单项选择题精选2之三2012-08-09
        • 高三英语单项选择题精选2之三   .     A. the; / B. /; / C. the; the D. /; the     2. He left his native village twenty years ago and has