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      1. 学生阶段


        • Being An Honest Girl2013-08-04
        • Last summer holiday, I went to the International English summer camp in Shanghai.   On 24th July, my two good friends and I were on duty. Wh

        • :Opportunity2013-07-28
        •   The air we breathe is so freely available that we take it for granted. Yet without it we could not survive more than a few minutes. For th

        • How to Use the Dictionary?2013-06-05
        • How to Use the Dictionary?   When you are reading something in English, you may often come across a new word. What's the best way to know

        • Time Is More Valuable Than Money2013-05-30
        • People often say, Time is money, But in fact time is more valuable than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can earn it back. However, wh

        • My favorite food2013-05-28
        • Today, my mother burned to eat my favorite braised fish. I witnessed the mother fish fish washing process.   Mother first ready material: ca

        • Never Give Up2013-05-10
        • Every night in my dreams, I see you. I feel you, that is how I know you go on, far across the distance and spaces between us. You have come to sh

        • 范文精选150字Freedom in my Dream2013-03-27
        • Freedom in my Dream   As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coexist in our life. I dont expect complete freedom, which is i