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      1. 学生阶段


        • Perfect Dream Harry Potter2013-03-05
        • Do you know Harry Potter? If you don"t, then you are out of date. Many people love Harry Potter, whether children or adults. I love Harry Potter,

        • My Favorite Pet2013-03-03
        • I have a dog. He is my favorite pet. He is very lovely. His name is Peter and he is two years old. His fur is long and white. He has big black ey

        • 精彩范文400字A Big Heart for Life2013-02-22
        • A Big Heart for Life   I will never forget that moment when I was pressing the buttons on the phone .I was entering a hot line to find out my r

        • A Good Football Player2013-02-16
        • Everybody knows that Brazil won the World Cup in 2002 in Japan. But do you know who helped Brazil football team win it? It was Ronaldo.   In

        • 精彩范文120字Spring is coming on2013-02-10
        • Spring is coming on   Winter has gone , and spring is coming on .   Watching the ice melting ,I know the whole earth is being rejuvenated fro

        • Qinhuang Island2013-01-18
        • The summer holiday came, and my family decided to go to the Qinhuang Island to spend a few days there. On the first day of our trip, we climbed u

        • A Travel To Hong Kong2013-01-06
        • This summer holiday, I had travelled to Hong Kong with many other students. We went to Hong Kong by plane. Hong Kong is very small, but there are

        • My Diary2013-01-06
        • Saturday, May 26 Windy   Saturday again. How time flies! Another week has gone.   This afternoon, I was often absent-minded in class, f