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      1. 学生阶段


        • What were you doing ?2013-06-22
        • What were you doing ? A UFO came to that shop. What were you doing when the UFO came here. I was in front of the school library. I want to borrow

        • 雪(Snow)2013-06-21
        • It was snow just now, there are lots of snow in the sky. The rivers are stopping flowing. The ground is covered with a layer of snow.   The sn

        • Children"s Day 儿童节2013-06-21
        •   Children"s Day is on June 1st. On that day schools always organize children to celebrate it. They are singing, dancing and playing to the fu

        • 校规(School Rule)2013-06-21
        • 1、 We don"t walk on the grass. 2、 We don"t pick flowers. 3、We don"t destroy our tables and chairs. 4、We can"t fight in the school. 5、We can

        • 我的乌龟(My turtles)2013-06-19
        •   When I was two years old , my father bought two little turtles for me. I was very happy . Now they are eight years old. Their names are Appl

        • 小学英语日记:learn how to work2013-06-19
        • Today, I still went to my mother"s office. My mother was very busy, so was my father. They always live in Beijing. They must get up early. Becaus