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        • 英语语法大全之将来完成时2015-08-31
        • 将来完成时      1) 构成will / be going to do sth.   2) 概念    a. 状态完成:表示某事继续到将来某一时为止一直有的状态。   b

        • 疑问句句型一览2015-08-31
        • 1) 一般疑问句   Is he a doctor?   Do you the way to the station?   2) 反意疑问句   He is a teacher, isn’t he?   It is quite cheap, d

        • 中国的家庭生活2015-07-17
        • I live with my father and mother in a very big house in Dongguan. My parents are both very busy. They leave for work very early in the morning an

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