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        • Born dancer2015-07-17
        • Born dancer   HAN Geng is a member of the popular boy band (乐队) Super Junior in South Korea. The band has 12 members. He is the only Chines

        • S.H.E2015-07-05
        • S.H.E   Ella   She is 27 years old.   She has short hair.   She likes cats.   Her favorite (最喜的) color   is pink.   I like to

        • King James!2015-07-05
        • King James!   LEBRON James has recognition (赞誉) from the whole world as the greatest player of today. People call him King James, the Chose

        • Chae"s a fighter2015-05-14
        • Chae"s a fighter   SOUTH Korean pop singer Chae Yeon is known for her passion. Once a group of artists were invited to climb to the top of a mo

        • 关于Working on Sunday的情景会话2015-03-24
        • Lily: What are you doing?你在做什么?Sindy: I"m collecting the information.我正在收集资料。Lily: For what?做什么用的啊?Sindy: For a report.写报告

        • We are more than just pretty faces2015-03-18
        • We are more than just pretty faces   Anna Cui, the Miss Southern California American Preteen Queen 2006   YOU may think a beauty pageant (选

        • Ping-pong"s new king2015-03-11
        • Ping-pong"s new king   WANG Hao and Wang Liqin, two of China"s top table tennis players, both saw the World Table Tennis Championships as a cha

        • Jang"s a sunny soul2014-01-04
        • Jang"s a sunny soul   KOREAN singer Jang Nara has been in China for years. She can speak and sing in Chinese. Last week, she also expressed her

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