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        • An Interesting Dream2015-07-17
        • Last night, I had an interesting dream. In the dream I accidentally got a magic pen with which I could write beautiful Chinese characters. Then I

        • 200字范文自由翱翔2015-05-14
        • One windy spring day, I observed young people having fun using the wind to fly their kites. Multicolored creations of varying shapes and sizes fi

        • 高一英语作文:我的人生计划2015-03-06
        • During my high school years, I have found chemistry, physics, and mathematics interesting. Actually, I am interested in many subjects such as bio

        • 高一英语作文:My English Teacher2014-01-05
        • Of all the teachers, I love my English teacher best. He is a very good teacher and about thirty years old. We all call him Mr Chu. He is not tall

        • 高一英语作文:About Myself2013-10-19
        • 你是李华,申请到一家外资企业工作。对方要求你用英语写一篇文章,介绍自己的基本情况。文章应包括下表所列全部内容。   注意:   1.情况介绍必须采

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