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        • 高三英语入学训练试题题之五2015-07-17
        • 高三英语入学训练试题题之五   ow do the birds arrange their date of return ____.     A. is already known     B. will soon be known    

        • 高三英语语法复习22015-03-27
        • 第二章 名词    1.What wonderful _____ we live in!    A. time B. times C. the time D. a time    译文:我们生活在一个多么精彩的年代呀!    2.

        • 09届高三英语单元检测192015-03-21
        • 09届高三英语单元检测19    单项填空    1. The Internet has brought ________ big changes in the way we work..    A. about B. out C. back D. u

        • 高三英语入学训练试题题之三2014-02-23
        • 高三英语入学训练试题题之三   s drinking water supply,as well as damaging plants(种植园) that produce fruit and vegetable. Without urgent(紧急

        • 高三英语单项选择题精选2之四2013-11-30
        • 高三英语单项选择题精选2之四   rests.     A. whomever B. no matter who C. whoever D. anyone     30. ----Excuse me, _____________?    

        • 高三英语语法综合训练练习题82013-11-24
        • 71. Tom: Would you like me to water your plants while you"re on your holiday?   Joe: ________   A. No problem. I was more than glad to do i

        • 高三英语语法复习152013-11-23
        • 第十五章 从属连词    1._____ you know it, she is good at English.    A. For B. Like C. As D. Because    译文:如你所知,她的英文不错。    2

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