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        • 关于购买飞机票的情景会话2015-03-18
        • Ticket Seller: What can I do for you, sir?我能为您做些什么吗,先生?William: I want to fly to Hong Kong on October 30th.我要在10月30日飞往香港。T

        • 关于房贷利率的情景会话2013-11-09
        • Tom: Hey, last time you told me that you were preparing to buy a new house. How is it going now?嘿,上次你跟我提过准备买套新房子.现在怎么样了?Mi

        • 关于today news的情景会话2013-06-11
        • kacy: Anything new in today"s papers?今天的报纸有什么新闻吗?andy: lots of interesting statistics.Do you know that eighty percent of computer dat

        • 关于保护环境的情景会话2012-04-06
        • 杰克: I think the biggest environment problem in my country is air pollution.我觉得我们国家最大的环境问题是空气污染。凯西: Yes, I agree. The air

        • 关于李阳疯狂英语的情景会话2011-11-09
        • Tony: Hey.Pual,What"s Up? You look upset !嗨,保罗,怎么啦?你看起来很沮丧!Paul: My English is terrible. I wish I could speak as good as you.Could y

        • 小学英语分类词汇表 232011-10-08
        • 11 反义词 thick/ thin厚的/薄的 empty/ full空的/满的 soft/ hard软的/硬的 front /back前面/后面 cheap /expensive/dear便宜的/昂贵的/贵的 borrow/ le

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