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      1. 学生阶段


        • 繁忙的Lizzy(Busy Lizzy)2015-08-31
        • Her name is lizzy,and shes so busy.Shes got so many things to do.She feeds the squirrels in the park, she plays the saxophone.She rides her bike

        • Go to the park2015-08-31
        • Today is sunday,Xiao Ming had finished his homework,so he can go to the park to have a good rest.   What a fine day today!Xiao Ming thought.In

        • Pandas 熊猫2015-07-17
        • There are some pandas in the zoo. They look like a bear, but they are not a bear. They live in China.   They have a small tail and fat body. Th

        • I’m Doing Nothing Wrong2015-07-17
        • My father, Dale, hits on P.J. Harvey at her rock show. Actually, it is a P.J. Harvey lookalike. There are dozens like her, wannabe rock stars wea

        • The Dog,the Cock and the Fox2015-07-17
        • A dog and a cock were good friends and they were traveling together. When night came on, the cock flew up to a tree and slept there, and the dog

        • 情景口语To Apologize 表达道歉2015-07-05
        • To Apologize 表达道歉   A: Oh, excuse me. I just spilled my coffee on your carpet.   B: Don"t worry about it.   A: Anyway I want to pay for

        • Yao Ming 姚明2015-07-05
        •   Yao Ming is my favourite basketball player. He is 25 years old now, and he is from Shanghai. He is tall and has short hair. He"s very strong

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