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      1. 学生阶段


        • 关于世界杯的情景会话2013-10-19
        • Mary: Bob, do you like football?Bob, 你喜欢足球吗?Bob: Of course.当然了。Mary: Could you please tell me something about the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

        • 关于流血泪的少年的情景会话2013-06-07
        • Ann: Oh,my god, I almost don"t dare to look at it.哦,我的天啊,我几乎不敢看了。Lily: What is wrong?怎么啦?Ann: Look at this picture, a bit terr

        • 关于国庆节的欢庆的情景会话2013-01-25
        • 小高: Some weeks later, we will welcome our Chinese National Day, which is on October 1st. We welcome you go back to China to participate into ou

        • 小学英语单词汇总 食物 food2011-10-08
        • meat肉  noodles面条  bread面包  rice米饭  sweets 糖果  peanut 花生  biscuit饼干  soup汤  cake蛋糕  milk牛奶  fish鱼肉  ice-cream冰激

        • 小学一年级学生英语该达到什么水平2011-09-30
        • 现在的孩子被接触英语学习都很早,很多家长早早地为孩子们安排了各式各样的英语课程,殊不知欲速则不达。其实家长们大可不必操之过急,让孩子达到每个