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        • 关于团圆的中秋节的情景会话2015-07-17
        • 小李: Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Day again! The moon becomes round again!明天又到中秋节了!月亮又圆了!Foreign Boss: Great! This is a traditional fes

        • 关于Working on Sunday的情景会话2015-03-24
        • Lily: What are you doing?你在做什么?Sindy: I"m collecting the information.我正在收集资料。Lily: For what?做什么用的啊?Sindy: For a report.写报告

        • 关于购买飞机票的情景会话2015-03-18
        • Ticket Seller: What can I do for you, sir?我能为您做些什么吗,先生?William: I want to fly to Hong Kong on October 30th.我要在10月30日飞往香港。T

        • 关于巧记单词的情景会话2013-12-14
        • Lucy: Oh my gosh, Karen, i really need help.天啊,Karen,我需要帮助。Karen: What"s wrong?怎么了?Lucy: I can"t memorize these words, and i don"t

        • 关于购买护肤品的情景会话2013-11-23
        • customer: Hi,I"m interested in your moisturizers,could you tell me more about them? 嗨,我对你们的保湿产品有兴趣,你可以介绍一下吗?

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