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        • 中国的家庭生活2015-07-17
        • I live with my father and mother in a very big house in Dongguan. My parents are both very busy. They leave for work very early in the morning an

        • Born dancer2015-07-17
        • Born dancer   HAN Geng is a member of the popular boy band (乐队) Super Junior in South Korea. The band has 12 members. He is the only Chines

        • 初中寒假英语作文:春节2015-07-17
        • The Spring Festival   This year,I had a exciting spring festival.Do you want to know about it?Let me tell you!   First,I went to ocean park w

        • An Interesting Dream2015-07-17
        • Last night, I had an interesting dream. In the dream I accidentally got a magic pen with which I could write beautiful Chinese characters. Then I

        • My younger Brother2015-07-05
        • I remember my brother as a sweet baby, bringing much fun and delight to the family with his pleasant gabbles of nonsense. He was a very likable c

        • S.H.E2015-07-05
        • S.H.E   Ella   She is 27 years old.   She has short hair.   She likes cats.   Her favorite (最喜的) color   is pink.   I like to

        • I"m a Little Employee2015-07-05
        • My father often writes. That is his job. This winter vacation, father was rushing through a research task. He was in need of a person urgently to

        • King James!2015-07-05
        • King James!   LEBRON James has recognition (赞誉) from the whole world as the greatest player of today. People call him King James, the Chose

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